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  • How much battery storage do I need?


    In this article, we will briefly introduce various factors that need to be considered when purchasing energy storage batteries in different scenarios. There are roughly three common application scenarios for energy storage batteries: self-use, peak and valley electricity prices, and backup power. Read More

  • How can the lifespan and efficiency of a energy storage system be improved?


    When using an LFP battery energy storage system, what are the specific points that need to be paid attention to? Below we list some points that need attention for the maintenance and maintenance of the energy storage system to help you extend the service life of the energy storage system as much as possible. Read More

  • 4 reasons to choose PV system with energy storage battery


    There are many benifits about PV ESS, and we have listed some suggestions that may be helpful to you. According to our suggestions, you may be able to know whether it is necessary for you to choose PV storage systems Read More

  • How Does Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Work?


    A battery energy storage system (BESS) is a complex solution that utilizes rechargeable batteries to store energy for later use. The type of BESS is related to the electrochemistry or the battery it employs. Do you know how does BESS work? Read More

  • Australian Lithium Mining Giant Pilbara Enters Lithium Salt Processing


    On November 28, Australian lithium producer Pilbara Minerals issued a statement saying that Pilbara and Calix signed a joint venture agreement. The two parties will jointly build a demonstration plant at the Pilgangoora project to produce lithium salt using Calix's patented calcination technology. Read More