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  • From Digitization to ESG: Top Trends Driving I&C Energy Storage in 2023


    Although different countries have distinct electricity market structures, the energy storage market is gaining popularity globally. This article explores the future of I&C energy storage, which is a lightweight energy storage system with a complete profit model and market prospects. I&C energy storage products are evolving with wider coverage, complete service functions, and digitalization. With the increasing importance of ESG standards, energy storage installation is becoming a vital business card for companies. Furthermore, I&C energy storage can participate in electricity market transactions through virtual power plants and sell excess electricity. Read More

  • Energy Storage System Industry Chain


    The electrochemical energy storage system industry chain mainly includes upstream equipment manufacturers, midstream system integration and installation, and downstream application scenarios. Read More

  • Energy Storage Outlook for 2023


    Energy storage will become the fourth basic element of the new power system, promoting the change of the entire power system from "source-grid-load" to "source-grid-load-storage". Read More

  • 4 reasons to choose PV system with energy storage battery


    There are many benifits about PV ESS, and we have listed some suggestions that may be helpful to you. According to our suggestions, you may be able to know whether it is necessary for you to choose PV storage systems Read More

  • How Does Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Work?


    A battery energy storage system (BESS) is a complex solution that utilizes rechargeable batteries to store energy for later use. The type of BESS is related to the electrochemistry or the battery it employs. Do you know how does BESS work? Read More